Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14

November 12th, 2013


The iH8snow has been developing snowbreeze jailbreak tool for Windows support. If you are the A4 device holders, this tool is for you.  Now snowbreeze has been updated to 2.9.14. Actually, snowbreeze is not similar to some of the other jailbreak tools because snowbreeze jailbreak your device by creating ISPW.

What are the new features of 2.9.14?

Added support for iOS 6.1.3

With new updated fix the current errors,

Support devices

Snowbreeze is supporting for only A4 devices



iPod Touch 4G

Requirements for download process 

iOS 6.1.3 file

snowbreeze 2.9.14 download file

Windows installed computer

USB cable

How to jailbreak iOS6.1.2 using snowbreeze 2.9.14

First step

Download latest version sn0wbreeze,

sn0wbreeze 2.9.14

after download,it will locate in your desktop.

Step two

Connect your iPhone through USB cable to windows install PC. Please be patient sometimes until the device is recognized by computer.

Step three

Extract sn0breeze download file.

Step four

Now click Download IOS firmwares and select your iPhone from ISPW Downloader

Step five

Now select latest 6.1.2 Firmware

Step six

Now select Simple Mode

Step seven

Now follow on screen instruction to enter DFU mode.

Step eight

Once you enter DFU mode sn0wbreeze will inform to you.

Step nine

Now open iTunes and press and hold shift key here after click Restore button. Now search ISPW file which is you created with sn0wbeeze.

Step ten

While in this process don’t click any button or don’t do any extra work. Once this process finish, you will have fully complete jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 iPhone.

What are the benefits of sn0wbreeze?

There are so many benefits available while using snowbreeze, as I say above with sn0wbreze can jailbreak very easy because it will jailbreak your device by creating ISPW. This is the only jailbreak tool can be jailbreak with untethered support for Apple can change custom boot logo through sn0wbreeze jailbreak.


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