Cydia for iOS 7.0.6

February 25th, 2013

Latest update

For most of Devices, the latest iOS version is 7.0.6 and as you knows with iOS 7.0.5 version Apple fail to add all the Devices. They only add iPhone 5S and 5c however this time get success. If you running and old iOS version this is the time to upgrade your Device as iOS7.0.6 because iOS 7.0.6 is jailbreakable. The team evad3rs release Evasi0n7 1.0.6 version with added support of iOS 7.0.6


latest update

Now you can jailbreak iOS 7 as untethered . get Cydia to your device


Cydia for ios 6.1.4

iOS 6.1.4 is the latest firmware version of the Apple. How ever, it can’t jailbreak it yet.  On these difficulties, users cannot install any third party application to device because when want to install any third party application to a device an only way is the Cydia (jailbreak). As you know, Cydia is working as a third party application installer.

As long as there is some Cydia alternatives’ application to leave off user’s difficulties.  Sometimes, it will be huge advantage for who are waiting to install cydia.  However, when going to install any application through Cydia alternative it is asking to jailbroken. Some of Cydia alternative not asking to jailbroken .

Here are some Cydia alternatives





Except Weblin, other all Cydia alternatives are asking to jailbreak the device before install the application. If you wish to install any application through Weblin, you can run Weblin on Non jailbroken device also. Any how, Weblin is not a free application. Even if it is a third party application, can’t compare with the Cydia. Course, Cydia is a 100% free application for almost all iDevices.

However, those alternatives cannot compare with Cydia because Cydia is endless application, once you get Cydia. You will get some default Cydia Sources as well. On these alternatives, there are not huge no of applications.

As my suggest don’t go to the Cydia alternative, it is only technical demonstration and find a ones way to get Cydia. The Weblin is the one and only alternatives which are not required jailbroken but on Weblin there are not huge no of application, on a present it has nearly 25 applications.

Rest all Cydia alternative asking to jailbroken device, just kidding when the jailbreak device why want to go Cydia alternatives.



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